AMP tech centre


The AMP Technology Centre, which is located at the heart of the Advanced Manufacturing Park (AMP) on the border of Sheffield and Rotherham, is recognised as one of the leading and most innovative engineering, research and manufacturing communities.

It provides a combination of first-class office space, workshop facilities and conferencing & meeting room resources which attract both local and national interest due to their central location, state of the art facilities and many ground-breaking organisations.

The AMP Technology Centre is a place where dynamic innovators meet likeminded individuals over coffee and where introductions are made, and collaborations are formed. It’s a place where those who want to push the boundaries of business and technology bring their products to show and share.

With its strategic location at the Advanced Manufacturing Park, the AMP Technology Centre has access to a strong concentration of talent, skills and expertise that is recognised by the UK Government and by major corporations around the world. By basing a business here, companies are close to some of the most advanced, technology-driven projects in aeronautical engineering and nuclear in the world, with endless opportunities and extensive resources.

If you’re looking to locate a business in an area which is at the epicentre of UK manufacturing, with a wealth of opportunities, then take a look at the AMP Technology Centre?