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Published 6 March 2019 at 4:04pm

Barnsley is becoming a hub for businesses in the digital media industries and is experiencing rapid growth of its digital economy with high value jobs, which is in part as a result of the establishment of the Digital Media Centre (DMC 01), a space for creative and digital businesses, in the town centre.

Barnsley Council and its partners, including Barnsley College, have exciting plans to create a digitally focused campus – The ‘Barnsley DMC Campus’ – where businesses, start-ups, students, creative and enterprising minds can come together through co-working and co-living as part of a connected community. A second Digital Media Centre (DMC 02) is currently being built and is due to open in summer 2020, which will offer 1,900 sqm of additional digital business managed workspace, helping to create over 100 digitally skilled jobs in the local economy.

This rapidly evolving offer is now bringing together business and education at the heart of the campus, with plans to extend it to residential and accommodation to support its future growth.

For further details or to discuss the potential for investment and partnership opportunities please phone +44(0)114 220 3400 or use our contact form to talk directly with our sector specialist.

Local Authority: Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council
Seeking: Commercial Property Developer
Development Type: Mixed Use
Opportunity Type: Investment
Status: Local Plan Allocation
Size: 4 ha
Total Homes: 400
Total Jobs: TBC
Timeframe: Medium Term 0-5 years

View the opportunity on our interactive map.

You can find more information on the location on our Locate SY website.

For more information visit the Barnsley Digital Media Centre website


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