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cannon hall farm, doncaster utc, and rotherham station


Are you a national or global employer searching for the ideal location to invest in your business?

Look no further than South Yorkshire. With our vibrant economy, innovative spirit, and abundance of opportunities, South Yorkshire has become a magnet for investors seeking growth and success. 

So, why exactly should South Yorkshire be your top choice for investment? 

A Hub of Innovation and Expertise

South Yorkshire has a well-deserved reputation as a hub of innovation, driven by its strong heritage in advanced manufacturing, health and wellbeing, digital technologies, renewable energy, and more. 

At the heart of this innovation ecosystem lies the Advanced Manufacturing Innovation District (AMID), the largest research-led advanced manufacturing cluster in the UK. 

The AMID is home to the Advanced Manufacturing Park (AMP) and the University of Sheffield's Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC), where cutting-edge research and development take place. 

By investing in South Yorkshire, you'll have the opportunity to collaborate with industry-leading experts and access a pool of skilled software engineers, pushing the boundaries of digital efficiency.

Our region also boasts the Advanced Wellbeing Research Centre (AWRC), a pioneering institution focused on wellness, health prevention, and the enhancement of quality of life. 

With strengths in medical device prototyping and production, South Yorkshire is a global leader in the healthcare sector. 

The NIHR Children and Young People MedTech Co-operative, based in Sheffield, supports the development of new medical devices and technology-dependent interventions for the NHS. 

The NIHR Devices for Dignity are hosted in the NHS, and act as a catalyst for the development of innovative devices across clinical themes including diabetes, long-term neurological conditions, and renal technologies. 

Investing in South Yorkshire means partnering with institutions at the forefront of innovation.

Devolution: Empowering Local Growth

South Yorkshire benefits from the devolution of powers to the South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority. 

This devolution empowers the region with additional funding and decision-making capabilities, enabling local leaders to drive economic growth. 

As an investor, you'll reap the rewards of a business-friendly environment with greater local autonomy, power, and control.

South Yorkshire's devolved transport powers and funding, planning capacity, and control over funds allocation ensure a supportive ecosystem for your business to thrive.

Excellent Connectivity: Gateway to Success

Situated at the heart of the UK, South Yorkshire enjoys excellent connectivity, making it an ideal base for national and international business operations. 

With six airports within a 2-hour drive, international travel is convenient and easily accessible. Recently, Doncaster Council signed a 125-year lease for the old Doncaster Sheffield Airport site with a view to reopen, increasing the region’s accessibility to a global market. 

It is situated at the heart of the motorway network, with easy access to and from the M18, M1, A1(M), M62 and the M180, with 91% of the UK within a 4-hour drivetime and  60% of the nation's manufacturing industry within a 2.5-hour HGV drive. 

Rail links are offered at iPort in Doncaster, in the form of an intermodal rail terminal, served by two daily trains to and from the ports of Felixstowe, Immingham, Teesport, and Southampton. London is only 90 minutes away by direct train. Access to Europe through nearby Humber ports further enhances the region's attractiveness. 

South Yorkshire is also well-connected by rail, with fast and direct links to major cities such as London, Leeds, Manchester, and Birmingham. Investing in South Yorkshire means unlocking unparalleled access to markets and customers.

Scale Up Support: Nurturing Business Growth

South Yorkshire's Mayoral Combined Authority has assembled a team of specialist inward investment experts dedicated to supporting businesses in the region. 

Whether you're a large corporation or an SME, our region offers competitive property and employment rates, a supportive industry environment, and a highly skilled and committed workforce. 

We understand the challenges of scaling up businesses, and we provide various levels of support, from industry advice to information on funding and grants. 

Access to Talent: A Highly Skilled Workforce

One of the key advantages South Yorkshire is the access to a highly skilled and educated workforce. 

We have two world class universities and a unique mix of skills providers, including FE Colleges, University Technical Colleges, Sector Based Work Academies and Independent Providers. 

The University of Sheffield, and Sheffield Hallam University, who between them offer 417 courses, and are home to 70,000 students, with up to 10,000 graduates each year.

With a focus on engineering, manufacturing, and STEM subjects, South Yorkshire offers a talent pool equipped with the skills required by a wide range of industries.

The Northern Powerhouse: Collaborative Success

As part of the Northern Powerhouse initiative, South Yorkshire collaborates with neighbouring regions to create a powerful alliance. 

This collaboration instills confidence in international investors, making our region even more attractive for investment. 

Together, we tackle challenges related to the environment, productivity, social mobility, and healthier lives. 

By investing in South Yorkshire, you become part of a larger vision for regional success and collaborative growth.

Investment Opportunities: The South Yorkshire Advantage

South Yorkshire offers a diverse range of investment opportunities across various sectors. Our interactive investment portfolio showcases the wealth of options available, allowing you to explore each proposition's primary functions, transport links, and key metrics. Here are just a few of the investment opportunities you can expect in South Yorkshire.

Commercial Property







Hotels and Hospitality


For more information or to get in touch with our team, please contact us via phone or email. We are here to answer any questions you may have and provide further assistance in your journey to invest in South Yorkshire.

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