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Published 11 February 2021 at 9:40am

Kycker, the Sheffield-based company that has developed an innovative online tool that musicians can use to distribute their music to all major online stores, is expanding into India, with support from the India Growth Champions Scheme run by Sheffield City Region.

As one of a select number of companies to be chosen to join the India Growth Champions Scheme back in March, Kycker set its sights on India as an emerging market with lucrative opportunities.  As part of the Scheme, Kycker was able to take advantage of a market intelligence study, which enabled the company to better understand the digital music ecosystem in India.  The study thoroughly researched musicians, music producers, independent labels, distributors and sound engineers in India and created a list of potential partners for Kycker.  Kycker has since carried out discussions with some of these partners, which has led to one major Indian music distribution company confirming their interest in a commercial licensing deal.

Frank Wilkes, Director of Kycker, explains: “We’re excited about the huge opportunities that are opening up to us in India – particularly with the opportunity to secure our first Indian licensing deal.  The market intelligence study gave us a great insight into the market, the way the music industry works in India, the country’s legislation and industry competitors.”

He adds: “We are looking forward to the Trade Mission to India in 2021, when we expect to hold a number of meetings with other partners.  We see huge potential in India and South East Asia for our music distribution service.”

Sir Nigel Knowles, International Advisor to Dan Jarvis, Mayor of the Sheffield City Region: “It is fantastic that a company that is bringing so much innovation to the music industry through technology is located here in Sheffield.  It is great to see how the India Growth Champion Scheme has created opportunities already for Kycker to develop new licensing partners in India.  It is now a very real possibility that Sheffield could become a music tech hub and it is companies like Kycker that are making this a reality.”

Kycker has around 1,800 artists worldwide using its platform, including 100 in South Yorkshire.  The data-driven application allows artists to upload their own audio and video content and earn royalties from their gigs, whilst putting them front of all the major stores such as Apple Music and Spotify.  The system is free for artists to use who could start to earn a regular income from their work straightaway.

As a result, Kycker has been able to sign a number of budding artists before they came to the attention of the major music distributors, which is leading to its reputation as a music industry disruptor.

Kycker has plans to expand in 2021, by creating six new high value positions in South Yorkshire in web development and customer services.

Frank Wilkes explains: “It is great to be able to create new jobs in the local area.  We’re part of an emerging music tech hub here in Sheffield – which will hopefully attract other like-minded music businesses and musicians to relocate here.  Just as the big rock bands like Def Leppard were attracted to the venues of Sheffield in the 70s, now we want music industry innovators and artists to be attracted here, because it’s where the latest technology is being developed and where they can really make a name for themselves.”

Frank adds: “We see extensive opportunities in South East Asia – including India, the Philippines and China.  We have also established a number of artists in the Czech Republic and Russia who are making a great income from music being used in advertising and TV work.”

Frank, who graduated from Sheffield Hallam University in Computer Engineering, worked for a number of years for Rolls Royce.  Whilst playing in bands he met Ash, a web developer, who spotted a gap in the market for a new disruptive technology in the music business to enable artists to get in front of music streaming services, rather than having to wait to be recognised by large producers.

Frank Wilkes continues: “The music industry has worked in the same way for a long time, whereas with Kycker, artists can now be in charge of their own destiny.  We give them as much support as we can with running a business and marketing themselves and their music, with a view to them being able to see music as a full time career.”

Kevin McCole, Managing Director, UK India Business Council said: “

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About the Indian Growth Champions Scheme

Experts predict that India will be the third biggest economy in the world by 2030 and it is expected to grow at an average of 5.9% per annum until 2050, making it the most rapidly expanding of all G20 countries. In 2015, the Sheffield City Region exported £81m worth of goods to India – making it the region’s 12th largest trading partner.

In 2017, Sheffield City Region introduced the strategy: ‘Make in India, Design and Develop with the Sheffield City Region’. Since then, the relationship between the Sheffield City Region and India has grown and developed and has been able to open up greater trading opportunities.

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